G.A.M.E. Panel Notes – Player Retention

Originally I was going to publish my notes with some annotations, but as I started going through fleshing them out a bit, I discovered a well of information that I wanted to get across.

So. Here are my notes, typed out like I used them during the panel. I’ll have more details on what I’ll be doing with the rest of the information soon.

    • Tumblr/Wordpress/Blog
      • Write up a brief summary of each session online
      • Show NPC spotlights
      • Post maps of previous adventures
      • Share “news” from around the in-game world.
        • Players don’t keep up, then their characters don’t know about it
    • Twitter
      • Have the players write in their character’s voices
        • Great way to learn about the character motivations
        • Great way to see what they enjoyed about the session, or what they disliked
        • Great way to spread the word about your games
          • Jeph Jacques does it for Questionable Content
      • Share world rumors and possible plot points for the future
      • Intangible Benefits – Weaving it into the story
        • Players that engage might be able to get tangible rewards in game
          • Knowing the answer to a puzzle from a tweet
          • Getting the “scoop” on how to find extra treasure in a dungeon
      • Private Conversations
        • You can have private conversations In Character, out of session, with the players through Direct Messages
          • Encourages players to think about the game throughout the week
          • Allows for Roleplaying outside the session without dice involved
    • Wiki
      • World Building Tool
        • Collaborate with your players about the history of your world
        • Share NPC details
        • Keep track of story points
        • Scour for Plot Ideas
        • Update world maps for Players
        • Share dungeon maps
      • Character Building Tool
        • Players can keep their character pages updated
        • Share loot details
        • Share personal accomplishments that they like
    • PodCasts
      • Creating an in-world story and relaying it via audio can be very beneficial for your group
      • You can detail bard stories, or invite players to make up their own and share them with the world
      • Players can feel their world grow around them as you build it together in an audio anthology that can be put online
      • You can also help teach people about the game system and mechanics during these sessions
        • Describe how THAC-0 works
        • Describe Skill Checks
        • Describe Perception Rolls
        • Storytelling Techniques
    • Calendar
      • Using Google Calendar (or another service) to invite people to sessions
      • Can be used to determine snack-purchases and the like
      • Reminders to ensure that players attend sessions
      • Allows for easier scheduling by players
    • Roll20
      • Keeping track of online games
      • Sharing maps with players
      • Including players that are separated by Distance

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