My name is James.

James Cordrey

Established: 1986

I am a software developer specializing in web applications. I program primarily in C# and JavaScript (using Node JS), and do my database management in MongoDB and Microsoft SQL server. I’m familiar with a handful of other languages, and a number of libraries as well. This website is my personal blog, where I discus programming, life, and anything that comes across my mind.

Originally, it was supposed to be a place for me to launch a game-making project that I wanted to work on called Luros. (Originally under the name Ormkor Studios, because that sounded like a good ‘studio’ name.) Over the years it turned into more of a platform for me to bounce around various ideas, thoughts, and options. I now use it to share whatever I find interesting, be it short stories or code, or even thoughts on current events. I hope that if you are reading this, you’ll find some of my work interesting.

If you’re looking for professionally developed software, please feel free to look at my professional site, Qiwi Trails Hosting. I offer a wide variety of consulting services, including web hosting and crowd funding support.