Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Session 1

Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Ghesh, a Dragonling Cleric of Lliiara set off on an adventure from Amn. Traveling with him were the Tiefling siblings Elsen and Kallista; Wizard and Rogue, respectively.  Their journey was leisurely; certainly the easiest gold any of them had made, protecting the simple caravan of items bound for the town of Greenest.

On the final day of their journey, as Greenest came into view, they saw dragons swooping in, unleashing gouts of fire and bursts of lightning on the unsuspecting town. Dots, that they soon realized were people, dashed wildly through the town. With all haste, the party rushed into town, following the owner of the Caravan.

Night fell before they reached the town. The dragons were finishing up their attacks, launching massive bolts of lightning and acid around the town. The heroes stumbled across a family trying to escape a group of Kobolds. After a rough and bloody fight, Ghesh healed one of the family members and the group took them under their custody. They had a long, bloody battle to the keep in the center of town; without Elsen’s quick thinking, Ghesh would have lost his life.

Once they temporarily secured the keep, the group made their way to the parapet, overlooking the city. The dragons could be seen retreating in the distance. But fires sprang up around town as kobolds and cultists tried to loot and pillage.
The mayor turned to the group with pain in his 60 year old eyes. He quietly begged, “We need your help.”

The Sword Coast Map

The Sword Coast


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