Spy Work

Every few weeks I go through a phase where I want to make a game of some sort.

A few years ago I had an idea that I was considering Kick Starting. It was for a podcast involving the end of the world. Part of the rewards were going to be dossiers on the various types of enemies. Photo-quality printouts of the monsters, along with detailed, “top secret” information about the characters in the podcast. The ones who backed at a higher value would get ID cards for the fictitious “Secret Government” that was spying on the group of survivors. Some would even get badges and would be allowed to name characters that were going to appear in “Season 2” of the series.

That project, like so many others, never got off the ground. But the idea of clandestine, secret documents has always interested me. It’s why shows like NCIS and movies that involve spies seem to interest me. I think that probably routes back to an inherent desire in most people to know secrets. Shows/movies of this nature give an easy way to satiate that desire without actually learning anything.

A placebo, maybe.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to stay connected with my friends back in Springfield. We gamed together regularly for fifteen years, so me moving away left a relative hole in my daily process for handling life.

Top Secret Information

Top Secret Information

I have an idea. I may work on it soon. But I think it would, at the very least, be interesting to see played out. Maybe another project that won’t get off the ground, but I have considerable time on my hands these days.

So anything is possible.


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