Hello? Is someone there?


The party escaped from the deep hole with Glabbagool following slowly behind them. Soggy, wet, they set up a temporary camp in the tunnel before moving forward. Ku, the adventurous spirit that he is, decided that he was going to scout out ahead of the party.

Unfortunately, he was not prepared for what lay in the dark. From the shadows, a hulking figure rushed the party, preceding an attack from orc-like brutes that harassed those who wandered the underdark alone. Unfortunately for the brutes, they had met their match in the party, which quickly dispatched of them, and a nearby snake that just happened to be swimming in the water nearby.

The party searched the orc bodies, finding very little of use to them. Fearing, as there were no signs of provisions on them, that they were part of a larger party or a nearby base, the group set out into the Underdark once more.

The Darkest Path

After wandering for several hours, the group took a less-traveled path, hoping it would lead further away from any possible enemies. This path took them through low spots filled with sulfur, and narrow areas that all-but-trapped the larger members of the party. After a particularly narrow area, the party found what appeared to be worked stone that was forced into the cave floor. Curious, they decided to investigate.

The worked stone led to a solid marble door with flat bronze trimming. The bronze had turned green from age. Androgina investigated the surrounding artwork on either side, looking for any historical significance, while Dave moved to open the door. Just before he managed to get it open, however, a soft feminine voice spoke inside his head.

“Hello? Is someone there… ? Oh please, I need your help! I have been trapped in the dark for so long… so very long. Please, won’t you help to free me?”

Dave pushed forward, getting the door open and pushing into the underground building with abandon. He was followed by Ku, Deirdre, Androgina, and Anadar, while the other members of the party decided to stay out, spooked in part by the disenchanted, hollow voice floating through their minds.

The Tomb

Androgina was quick to point out that the building seemed to be an old tomb, from thousands of years before. Ku, of course, was the impetus of the party, diving headlong down the stairs into the second floor, where a shrine to an old, ancient god of some sort was laid out.  Deirdre noticed the claw marks in the walls, floor, and ceiling. The dust, however, was thick and unmoving. The air was stale; nothing living had been in this shrine for a long, long time. While Androgina and Deirdre investigated the room, Ku began opening the doors.

Then all hell broke loose. Ku fell to the ground as a shadowy specter pushed its arm through his chest. Alarmed, Anadar made it a point to revive Ku as quickly as possible, as Dave began fighting the specter closest to him. Four flooded out of the side-room, into the shrine, flying and shrieking around the party. The fight was fast, brutal, and bloody, but the group survived. They proceeded into the room Ku was investigating, to find 4 medium sized sarcophagi. Feeling irreverent for the dead who had seemingly tried to kill them, each member of the party knocked open a sarcophagus, and took what few treasures that still remained.

Androgina remained behind, searching the room for any scraps of history they might be able to save. The other members, lead by Deirdre and Anadar, walked into a large, once-ornate room with a large sarcophagus in it. Upon opening the sarcophagus, a weak voice seemed to shout at them – a spell whose potency had been lost due to time.

“You have disturbed the tomb of Brysis of Khaem! Accursed are you, most miserable of creatures!”

A wave of weak magic rolled over the group, but it was so weak it barely made them shiver. Inside the sarcophagus was a human-sized statue, seemingly glued to the sarcophagus, unable to be removed. It was ornately carved, but had no real value. Meanwhile, Androgina was fighting for their life.

The hidden Tomb

Androgina had discovered, almost accidentally, that the sarcophagus furthest from the door on the south side was on rollers. Moving it out of the way, they made their way down a tunnel, into a secret tomb. A gilded sarcophagus stood in the middle of the room on a stone bier against the westmost wall, Brysis was enshrined here, cursed to live out eternity unless she was able to steal enough life force. Upon entering the tomb, Androgina became her next focus.

Were it not for the timely arrival of Dave, Deirdre, Ku, and Anadar, Androgina would have been lost forever, their soul sucked into the oblivion that was Brysis’ revival. Together, they managed to end her afterlife, sending her soul to be tortured in the next life. Dave grabbed a sword, calling itself Dawnbringer and enjoying Dave’s company immediately. Splitting the remainder of the treasure in the room, the party began to leave the tomb.

Triumphant, jubilant, and with a lot of good treasure, the party was in good spirits as they left the tomb… That ended a moment later, when they realized that the rest of their party was missing.


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