Braving the Underdark

The Unknown

Our adventurers set out from Velkynvelve with a speed born of fear. They pushed themselves to their limits, only stopping long enough to rest. After what seemed like days, they were beginning to run low on supplies – food was getting scarce, with Dierdre and Eldeth only finding scraps of food that would be enough to keep the group going. Sarith Kzekarit, the surly Drow of the group, kept insisting that they were going to be caught, much to the annoyance of the group.

Exhausted, the group found a small cave with only a few entrances. Everyone spread out and managed to find a place where they could sleep. Topsy, Turvy, and Deirdre drew first watch, so they ticked away the hours at different entrances to the cave while their companions slept and snored. A slurping, sloshing sound was heard by Deirdre in the depths of the cave she was watching. An Ochre jelly slowly oozed its way towards its next meal. After jumping swiftly into action, Deirdre and the rest of the group were able to quickly kill the pile of jelly.

Well rested, the group cast off into the Underdark again. Unfortunately, they found a room full of what smelled like Natural Gas. Not willing to risk the possible dangers, they backtracked the way they had come. Unbeknownst to them, however, a party of Drow warriors was searching for them; by cutting backwards to find a new trail, the warriors were able to advance closer to taking over the group.

The group continued on their journey, and found a small area that seemed to be lit… from nowhere. There was no obvious source of light in this section, yet it was well lit. The group decided to make camp here, and switched out shifts. After everyone was well rested, Ku awoke with a headache, and discovered that he could no longer stop his thoughts from leaking out of his mouth. This lasted roughly ten minutes before he was able to get ahold of himself.

While the party dealt with Ku, a group of gnome traders appeared. After some haggling, the group managed to trade with the caravan a number of items stolen from the Drow for basic food and water supplies, and a couple of minor healing potions. The group set off on their way, again, after confirming that the Gnomes would help throw off any Drow pursuit. Thankful, the party struck off into the Underdark once more.

Highway in the Dark

After another day’s travel, the party discovered a voluminous cavern, with spider-silk roads stretching off into a yawning abyss.

“Yipee!” – The shout of a goblin could be heard from deep within the darkness. Sliding down on a web like a surfer, Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait rolled onto the ledge, popping to their feet and introducing themselves to our intrepid survivors. After some brief negotiations, Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait took the party out onto the webs, pouring grease onto their feet and “surfing” the silk strands until they were just out of sight. As the party traversed the 5 mile gap, stopping half-way through for a night’s rest, they encountered an old, rusted chest that turned out to be a mimic in disguise. After a rough fight, wherein Ku almost died, the party discovered a bound and unconscious half-elf near death.

New Party Member

Androgina is a surface-dweller, completely unaware of how they came to be in the Underdark. Inspired to make the best of a bad situation, they are moving forward in an effort to learn as much as they can about this alien world. Androgina has an affinity for the strong, brooding Barbarian, and seems keen to prove himself a valuable member of the team.

A Deep Hole

In the Underdark, things are never as they appear, and even when you think you’ve hit the bottom, the world can fall from beneath your feet. As they were travelling through a particularly narrow tunnel, a sinkhole opened up, reminding Dave of how he arrived in the Underdark. Beneath the tunnel, a fast moving stream took the players down, dropping them into a small, roughly worked cave. The water rushed a bunch of stones up behind them, blocking their path. Jimjar, Prince Derindil, and Bupido were all injured during the fall, so Topsy, Turvy, Stool, Eldeth, Bupido, and Sarith stayed behind while the rest of our adventurers investigated the surrounding area.

It turns out they had washed up into some kind of old temple, but it had been overrun by puddings. These puddings tried to eat our group, although Dave tended to smash them immediately once he noticed them.

Until Glabbagool. This green, large cube of slime had a small skeleton of a Drow elf and some coins, and a mace, dangling within it. Glabbagool is unusual, in that it is able to speak telepathically with the players. After indulging the cube in its curiosity, the party decides to leave him alone, and move deeper into the temple. Glabbagool chose to follow them, as these were the first people he had met. Ever.

After exploring the temple more, and discovering a fountain surrounded by frozen puddings, the players discover a new way out, possibly. A rough stone chamber filled slowly with water. The players broke open the area where the water was pouring in, causing it to rush. As the water above slowly trickled off, the group was able to float high enough that they could begin pulling themselves out.

Dave went first, and Anadar went last, helping all of the other characters up and out of the pit. Glabbagool was the last to slip out of the tunnel, compressing himself until he was finally with the rest of the group.

Now, truly lost in the Underdark, what will become of our adventurers?


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