An Ambitious Project

I like gaming. Whether it be on the PC, Console, or sitting down at a table with some friends, I love it. I don’t have the stamina for video games that I used to, but I can play Tabletop games for hours and hours. I used to post some content from our games here, back when my group was breaking into 5th edition.

As well as being a writer, I want to make tools that gamers who play D&D can use to help make the experience more enjoyable. A random monster generator that gives full stats for a random monster based on Challenge Rating and Environment. (That’s actually a pretty easy project, I’ve just been lazy.) An XP Calculator for players and DM’s. (I’ve made a few of those; it’s actually pretty simple.) Dice Rollers, Character Tracking Software, Campaign History Details, and the like all lead up to the ambitious project of trying to create a DM Toolbox.

A piece of software that a DM could use to run and design an entire adventure on their computer between sessions. A few years ago, I came up with an interface that took the D&D character sheet and made it easy for a DM to keep track of the players, if I’d ever finished the backend. Designing the database for that was a bit tricky, though, and it was too ambitious of a project.

I’m working now, instead, on a DLL that can be pulled into other software. It’s going to handle aspects of character data. Not storing it in a database, or retrieving it, or anything. Just creating a character object, and all of the necessary components of that.

It has been a fun little project so far.


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