Monthly Archives: May 2016

A small town lives

So, I saw a thing asking about how to bring a small village to life. I’m going to assume this is a village near a forest, but with some arable land nearby. With that in mind, here are a few things a village needs to have in order to survive: Food Waste Disposal Water Relaxation/Recreation


The Great Prison Escape

This is a Dungeons and Dragons/Roleplaying Game post. I loved the show Prison Break, and knowing that it’s going to be coming back to TV soon, it got me thinking about various different types of prison campaign scenarios. So I thought I would share them with the world, and let you figure out how to


Drydak Mushrooms – D&D

The other day I was thinking about something to add to D&D and I came up with a type of Mushroom that grows native in dark, damp caves that are fed by a pocket of adamantine, or perhaps mithril. You can work it into your campaign however you want, but it helps if there’s either