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Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Session 2

The Mayor actually turned out to be “Governor Nighthill” – Governor being his first name, oddly enough. He was indeed an elderly man, stooped and wizened from his advanced years. But his eyes were bright as he quickly pointed to the surrounding area and begged the heroes to help save his town. As he was


Player Retention

I published an eBook based on an earlier blog post. That blog post detailed my notes from a panel that I did back in October for Springfield G.A.M.E. You can find my eBook here: It’s called “Player Retention” and it focuses primarily on keeping players coming back to your gaming table each week by


Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Session 1

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Ghesh, a Dragonling Cleric of Lliiara set off on an adventure from Amn. Traveling with him were the Tiefling siblings Elsen and Kallista; Wizard and Rogue, respectively.  Their journey was leisurely; certainly the easiest gold any of them had made, protecting the simple caravan of items bound for the town